Fuck Yeah? Fuck You.

I really don't want to be angry here...

4 November
Aside from the typical trivial emotional and personal shit that frustrates us on an average day, we had a society against us to contend with. They hated us not for our music or our clothing, but for what we represented. We were the musty bloom of America's moral and social decay. We illustrated flaw in ideal concepts of family and neighborhood. We had defected only a few blocks away with vital information about what was really going on behind blinding white picket fences. When I look back at those sweaty throngs of kids twisting like some 80 mile an hour maelstrom through the clubs I called home, they have become a completely necessary and sensible REACTION to what was happening in our lives, and probably the healthiest way of exorcising mounting tensions; certainly moreso than picking up a gun or moving out to the solitude of the suburbs to squirt out punching bags of our own. We, as a culture, were a symptom of our society's shortcomings, and our art was a testament of the sinister things we'd seen. Reflections of bad minds, bad hands, and bad politics. The subsequent adversity we faced amounted to little more than fear and latent guilt of our peers, and their inability to accept responsibility for what they had created.
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